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Fethiann has been awarded the Herb Extract Research Innovator of the Year, APAC, in the Biotechnology Awards 2024, making it the first company in Taiwan to receive this honor!

We’re also proud to be featured on the cover of Global Health & Pharma (GHP) news, highlighting Fethiann’s importance in the global health and pharmaceutical industry and showcasing our achievements to the world!

This award recognizes our hard work and success in the field. We’re honored to be leaders in this area.

The quality and professionalism of FMO® have been internationally recognized! We’ll keep working hard to contribute more to the health and pharmaceutical fields!🫶🏼

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Fethiann® is dedicated to sustainable development in both external and internal health products for humanity. We look forward to more sharing to benefit your healthy lifestyle!


The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of the skin. It is composed of dead skin cells, called corneocytes, embedded in a lipid matrix. This layer serves as a protective barrier that helps prevent dehydration, entry of microorganisms, and the absorption of harmful substances.

Mitochondria play an important role in cellular energy production. According to evolutionary theory, mitochondria likely were once bacterial organisms millions of years ago, retained within eukaryotic cells after being engulfed, and developed a symbiotic relationship. As a result, mitochondria aggregate within the cytoplasm, functioning as powerful organelles and serving as the cell’s energy factories.During both rest and activity, the normal functioning of organs and tissues relies on the participation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Approximately 90% of cellular energy ATP is generated by mitochondria.

However, what makes FMO® remarkable is that the small molecules it extracts are only about 300 daltons, smaller than the skin penetration barrier (500 daltons). Moreover, it is a natural lipid, similar to the skin’s natural fat (lipid), making it easier to penetrate the skin than water-soluble substances.

As the lipid barrier thins, you may notice that your skin takes longer to heal from cuts, bruises, or breakouts. The skin may also become less capable of defending itself against internal and external stressors, such as free radicals, oxidative stress, and biochemical triggers like Glycation. At this time, FMO® can be utilized, as it possesses excellent antioxidant capabilities and can eliminate harmful free radicals. In addition, it can also increase ATP energy.

Our skin can withstand a lot, but it still needs gentle care.
A damaged or compromised skin barrier needs even more care. Using skin repair products with ‘skin identical’ ingredient can assist in renewing and safeguarding the lipid barrier.


Fethiann Molecule Applied Co., Ltd.

Fethiann Molecule Applied Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in functional ingredients that support physical and mental health in the fields of preventive medicine, health foods, and beauty. We are committed to nature, utilizing our proprietary patented technology to develop and manufacture functional raw materials. Through our patented extraction process and innovative equipment, we also offer technical advice on dermatological efficacy assessment and prescription development, providing comprehensive support for our clients’ product development.


What is the FMO ®

This is a natural herb planted in Yilan Taiwan from Fethiann. Fethiann found out the precious constituents of the natural Magnolia Figo extract rich in phytochemicals with medicinal value and hence it is highly people demanded, which invented a special compositions with the customization super critical extraction equipment of BPVE parameters experienced by Fethiann. Magnolia Figo harvested of tens kilograms through bio-processes can produce 1 gram of the highly active extract 100 percent completely, in order to do research of Anti-cancer (NSCLC), Relieved-Atopic Dermatitis, wound-healing fast, and other effective treatment, these solutions and patents belong to Fethiann only in the world. Therefore, it is named FMO (Fethiann Magnoliafigo Only).


What is the FLC ®

A special herbal hydrogel named FLC@ made from the herbal plant Lauraceae of Litsea Cubeba. It is a valuable plant traditionally used to treat headaches, muscle aches, arthritis, and insect bites in Taiwan. Previous research also suggests that it has good antibacterial and anti-inflammatory abilities, but no systematic research on gouty joint inflammation had been carried out, and there was no scientific development model for topical products.

This inspired Fethiann to develop a thermosensitive smart hydrogel for topical dressings, containing supercritical fluid extract of Litsea Cubeba fruit. In research, the company used UV light to graft and polymerise temperature sensitive polymers, which were then used to coat the extract. The resulting gel was applied to an experimental animal and found to significantly reduce swelling and inhibit inflammation, making it useful for topical dressings. Furthermore, with the addition of a promoter, the product’s positive effects came into fruition faster.


About molecurique

After many tests and researches, Fethiann patented molecular technology Molecurique®.
Inspired by the healing effects of the plants and the beneficial action of natural oils, the team of engineers and specialists managed to create the smallest nutrient carrier.
Through Molecurique®, plant-derived beneficial substances are encapsulated in small molecules that transport them to all layers of the skin. There the beneficial substances are released and perform different protective and restorative functions. This is what makes Fethiann cosmetics an indispensable product in skin care.



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